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Balance of Cooperative Security activities in Senegal

Dakar, Senegal
September 25, 2023
  • Once again this year, different Spanish units are carrying out cooperation activities with the Senegalese Armed Forces.

A long way has already been travelled since the end of 2022, when the lines that would mark cooperation in military matters between Spain and Senegal by 2023 began to be drawn. As a result of those conversations, the Bilateral Cooperation Plan would set the working guide for both countries and, especially, for the inter-army liaison team that the Operations Command has maintained in the Senegalese capital since 2014.

Since then, many cooperation activities have been carried out: precision marksmen, anti-terrorist operations course, training of reconnaissance and security units, C-IED training, VIP protection and escort, training in special air-surface integration operations (SOALI), TCCC, firewall configuration, NBQR, transport of dangerous goods by air.

All these activities are aimed at contributing to the development of the military capabilities of our neighbouring countries, contributing to the stability of the region and the maintenance of international peace and security.

Numerous teams have been deployed to participate in this cooperation. On the part of the Spanish Army, personnel from the Tercio Gran Capitán de la Legión, Reg. Inf. Tenerife 49, Reg. Montesa 3, BRILOG, BCG de la BRICAN XVI, Reg. Ing. 7. For its part, the Navy participated in some intense days in the port of Dakar with the BAM "Audaz" and a team from the Tercio de Armada is currently working in the area. DAT Marfil, EZAPAC, Ala 35 and ESTAER were the representatives of the Air and Space Army deployed in the country.

As usual, the Senegalese participation involves different units of the Gendarmerie Nationel, l'Armée de Terre, l'Armée de l'Air and the Marine, with most of the cooperation activities taking place in the training camps located in the towns of Dakar and Thiès.

The Senegalese personnel show great interest and predisposition in the activities, sharing techniques, tactics and procedures that contribute to reinforcing knowledge.

The welcome with which the members of the Senegalese Armed Forces receive the Spanish teams on their arrival is noteworthy, honouring Senegal's reputation as the country of teranga (hospitality in the local language or wolof).

In figures, Spain has redoubled its cooperative security efforts in Senegal during 2023. 36 activities planned in Senegal and 5 in Spain, with more than 170 instructors deployed throughout the year and with the participation of 2 maritime action ships and 2 aircraft, are proof of our country's firm commitment to the stability and security of the region.

For yet another year, our Armed Forces continue to work far from national territory, helping a friendly country to acquire the necessary capabilities to face the threats that put its security at risk, favouring the creation of a stable and secure environment, which is essential for Senegal's development.