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The Maritime Action Ship 'Tornado' provides medical assistance to a sailor from the Italian Navy patrol boat 'Foscari'.

In the Gulf of Guinea
September 21, 2023
  • The Navy Ship has provided medical support in the waters of the Gulf of Guinea.

The Maritime Action Ship 'Tornado' has provided medical support to a sailor of the Italian "Marina Militare", demonstrating the interoperability and effective collaboration between EU naval units.

The 'Tornado' was conducting an exercise with the Italian patrol vessel 'Foscari' during its deployment in the Gulf of Guinea, in order to increase maritime security in the area. Following the morning sequence, it was reported that a member of the Italian vessel's crew had been injured after an accidental fall on a ladder of their unit.

At that moment, medical support was coordinated on board the "Tornado" to perform, for the first time in this unit, an X-ray, and to be able to assess the extent of the injury in several projections.

The Navy's ship has been equipped with specific radiological equipment since the beginning of its deployment off the coast of West Africa and the Gulf of Guinea.

Thanks to the medical personnel, the nurse lieutenant, Alejandra Adrián Pastor, and the medical lieutenant, María Castillo Rodríguez, with the support of the entire crew of the  "Tornado", it was possible to coordinate and transfer the injured man by air, and to carry out the complementary tests in order to subsequently provide him with the medical assistance he needed.