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Paratroopers Squadron trains Senegalese Special Air Forces

In Thies, Senegal
June 27, 2023
  • This Cooperative Security activity aims to prepare the Senegalese Special Air Forces in SOALI (Special Operations Air-land Integrated) training.

During the month of June 2023, advanced training in special operations with air-ground integration of Senegalese military personnel took place in the Senegalese town of Thiès. The Spanish Parachute Sapper Squadron (EZAPAC in SP) has been collaborating with and training Senegalese personnel assigned to the Special Air Force in the field of special air operations since the creation of the FSA in 2016.

This collaboration between the Spanish and Senegalese special air forces was attended by 25 operators from the Special Air Force, an operational team from EZAPAC, made up of 6 members and a member of the MCOE (Joint Special Operations Command).

A series of weekly phases were organised for the SOALI training, with theoretical and practical training on the integration of air assets.  In this way, the Senegalese military were able to increase their knowledge of Joint Fires, UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) and CCT (Tactical Combat Control).

The second weekly period focused on Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape practices, in which shelters were built, topographical orientation practices or training in ISOP (Isolated personnel) procedures were carried out.

Beyond the halfway point, training focused on Personnel Recovery practices. During this period, several Personnel Recovery deployment exercises were conducted using the helicopter as a means of insertion.

To conclude, the fourth period consisted of the application of all the subjects previously trained in the two months of collaboration with the EZAPAC members.

At the closing ceremony and presentation of certificates, the knowledge and experience shared between the Senegalese and Spanish during this training period in Senegal was highlighted