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Mobile Training Team trains Cape Verdean Armed Forces

Cape Verde
December 1, 2021
  • The team was deployed in the area from 2 to 26 November to meet the needs of the Cape Verdean Armed Forces, for the first time, in terms of security and defence of installations.

The Air Force Mobile Training Team (MTT) has completed its cooperative security mission in support of Cape Verde. The MTT has remained deployed in the area, under the operational control of the Operations Command, from 2 to 26 November with the mission to meet, for the first time, the needs of the Cape Verdean armed forces in terms of security and defence of installations.

To this end, various training activities were carried out for officers and non-commissioned officers of the 3rd Military Region with responsibilities regarding force protection.

Among the subjects taught, those relating to the concepts, principles and fundamentals of Force Protection, distribution of areas of application (active, passive, security and recovery), control and monitoring, and planning of different force protection operations and their command, should be highlighted.

The training has been completed with basic theoretical and practical instruction, covering the ICCS concept (Individual Common Core Skills) which includes, among other subjects, weapon training and shooting in different scenarios, first aid, fire fighting and application of different tactics, techniques and procedures against IED (Improvised Explosive Device).

The activity concluded with a demonstration presided over by the Chief of Staff of the Cape Verdean Armed Forces, General Anildo Emmanuel do Graca Morais, and the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Spain in Cape Verde, Mª Dolores Rios Peset, who were able to see the results.

The MTT was led by the Air Deployment Support Squadron and included personnel from the Air Force Headquarters Security Group, the Air Force Honours Squadron and the Second Air Deployment Support Squadron.

It should be noted that the training constitutes the initial phase of a more ambitious cooperation project to strengthen the Cape Verdean security and defence structures in order to train dedicated Force Protection units. It is planned to build on this process with future activities aimed at completing the training of Force Protection specialists.