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Spanish Army trains Senegalese Armed Forces in logistics calculation

In Senegal
September 27, 2021
  • This training is integrated into the Cooperative Security activities, which are carried out under the operational control of the Operations Command

In order to support the Senegalese Armed Forces in logistical support capabilities, within the framework of Cooperative Security, three Army officers instruct personnel belonging to the Senegalese Armed Forces, in coordination with DIRMAT (Material Directorate) in logistics calculation techniques for deployment and maintenance at the brigade level.

Senegal's role is noteworthy as one of the pillars of stability in the region and as the country with the largest contribution to international missions in West Africa, a region of strategic interest also for Spain.

The dynamics of the battlefield require constant evaluation of the capabilities necessary for the Force to act in wide-ranging operations. This consideration implies the challenge of designing logistics capable of adjusting to the multiplicity of operational scenarios. This 'fair share logistics' must be able to foresee and provide the necessary support in terms of materials and services so that this Force has freedom of action, a wide radius of action and the ability to endure in action.