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Spanish vessel 'Furor' is deployed to the West coast of Africa and the Gulf of Guinea

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March 5, 2021
  • The Spanish warship will be integrated into the operational structure of the Armed Forces for the next three months

Maritime Action Ship (BAM in spanish) 'Furor' set off from its home port in Cartagena to head for the west coast of the African continent, where it will conduct maritime security operations (SEGMAR in spanish) and defence diplomacy activities, mainly in the waters of the Gulf of Guinea.

For three months, it will remain integrated into the operational structure of the Armed Forces, under the supervision of the Operations Command (MOPS in spanish) through the Maritime Operational Command (MOM in spanish), the body of the operational structure of the Armed Forces subordinate to the Spanish CHOD responsible for planning, conducting and monitoring surveillance and security operations in maritime areas of sovereignty, responsibility and national interest.

With the aim of safeguarding the Security and Defence of Spain, the warship will carry out cooperation activities with the coastal states of the Gulf of Guinea, both at sea and in port, seeking to increase military capabilities through training and advice in activities related to the SEGMAR, contributing to diminish the present threats in the area and thus increasing the stability of the region.

Furthermore, BAM 'Furor' will support Spain's foreign policy within the framework of the Defence Diplomacy Plan. With a range of activities based on strengthening ties and increasing mutual knowledge, the ship will display Spain's compliance with its commitments to allied countries, to international stability, and to the defence of maritime interests such as fishing and maritime hydrocarbon traffic in a highly sensitive region.

The deployment also includes participation in the pilot project of the European Union's CMP (Coordinated Maritime Presence) concept in the Gulf of Guinea and joint patrols with vessels from neighbouring countries. The BAM "Furor" has a specific crew for the mission made up of a total of 63 men and 5 women, including the ship's own crew (54 people), an Operational Security Team (EOS) belonging to Spanish Marines and other personnel on secondment, including an interpreter, a doctor and a diving instructor.