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Spanish representatives take over within the EU military mission in the Central African Republic

November 23, 2020
  • Incoming Colonel Olombrada took over from Colonel Bermejo, both Spaniards, as new Chief of Staff

The EU Mission in the Central African Republic (EUTM RCA) Headquarters hosted the Chief of Staff's hand over / take over ceremony,this morning. Same as the whole Spanish contingent, the newcomer Spanish Colonel Valentín Olombrada Valverde took over from outgoing Colonel Fernando Bermejo Cabrera; after a six-month tour in the area of operations.

Spanish Armed Forces have been taken part in this mission since 2016. Nowadays the contingent is made up of eight Officers, who hold several Staff positions, such as Chief of Staff or Head of the Intelligence and Plans areas.

Mission of the European Union in the Central African Republic

The mandate of EUTM RCA is a non-executive mission, which means that it is aimed at contributing to the EU effort through advising and training the Armed Forces of the Central African Republic. The target is to strengthen their capacity to contribute to the RCA's defence and to protect the population.

The third mandate of the operation began in September. It's a two-year mandate and the objective of this period is to consolidate the achievements, and expanding its geographical scope, limited, up to the moment, to the western cities of Bangui and Bouar.

Thus, the deployment of the Central African Armed Forces Will allow the presence of the government in the most remote areas, where the insecurity of the population and the action of armed groups is higher.