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Force Protection Tactical Group (FPTG) 'Lauria' continues its training at Koulikoro Base

Koulikoro, Mali
February 20, 2023
  • The Force Protection Tactical Group (FPTG) 'Lauria' conducts specific training activities

Task Force Bamako - from the Force Protection Lauria Tactical Group of the European Union Training Mission in Mali (21ST EUTM Mali contingent) - has conducted several activities in FEB to strengthen all its personnel training. Following, the most noteworthy activities:

The first highlight was a series of convoys between EUTM Bamako HQ and a firing range in Koulikoro, where firing exercises were conducted with personnel of different nationalities, while FP (Force Protection) was in charge of securing the area and providing security for the convoys.

Exercises have also been held to unify and standardise medical evacuation procedures to be executed in a faster and more efficient way with the STARLITE company.

Besides, teams of snipers from the EUTM MALI mission in Koulikoro have undergone specific, technical, and precise training to ensure maximum security of all facilities and activities in the mission.