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Operation Atalanta command ship and frigate F-82 "VICTORIA" meet at sea

At sea
November 13, 2023
  • The command ship ITS 'Durand de la Penne' and the frigate 'Victoria' have carried out joint training exercises.

The Italian destroyer ITS 'Durand de la Penne', flagship of Operation 'Atalanta', and the frigate 'Victoria' have met at sea to carry out a series of training drills, thus enhancing the coordination among the two vessels.

The NH-90 (Panther) helicopter, on board the Italian unit, took to the helideck of the frigate 'Victoria' to carry out a refuelling exercise prior to its patrol. Once the patrol was over, before returning to its ship, the 'Pantera' again took over the Spanish ship to carry out another refuelling manoeuvre, demonstrating the interoperability between the two units.

Parallel to this operation, training exercises were carried out in communications, manoeuvring, navigation and operations control. The meeting at sea concluded with a formation between the two units for the traditional joint photo from the helicopter.

It is unusual for two ships to overlap in the same area during deployment on this mission, due to the large size of the area of operations for operation 'Atalanta'.