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The Spanish Ambassador to Oman is welcomed on board of the frigate ‘Navarra’

August 18, 2023
  • The Spanish Ambassador to Oman is welcomed on board of the frigate ‘Navarra’ 

The frigate ‘Navarra’, currently deployed in Operation ATALANTA, has received on board the Spanish Ambassador to Oman, H.E. Maria Luisa Huidobro Martín-Laborda, during its stopover at the capital’s port of Muscat.

Upon her arrival at the gate of the ‘Navarra’, she was given the corresponding honours and, after greeting the Commander and some of the members of his crew, she participated in the solemn lowering of the flag that took place at sunset. After the lowering of the flag, she visited the vessel, checking the vessel’s capacities at first hand, and ending with the signing of the Book of Honour.

At the present time, the vessel is in the middle of its deployment in Operation ATALANTA. This European Union initiative arose as a response to the crisis caused by the Somali piracy in 2008. Today, piracy in this area is considered to have been suppressed, confirming the success of the operation that has counted on the Navy’s units uninterruptedly and is directed from the headquarters in Rota.

Its current commitments are focused on establishing a secure maritime environment in the Western Indian Ocean, providing protection to the vessels that navigate the Somali Basin, the Gulf of Aden and the Red Sea, in particular to those of the World Food Programme and the United Nations, and secondly, on collaborating in the fight against illicit activities that are carried out in the area. To this end, apart from its presence and protection of the vessels, it provides support and training to the security forces of Somalia and other neighbouring countries, in the process of creating its own maritime security architecture.

The frigate ‘Navarra’, which departed from Rota last June 9th, expects to continue with its deployment in the Indian Ocean until the end of October.