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Military personnel from the ‘Navarra’ vessel gives a donation to Djibouti Caritas

August 2, 2023
  • The donation is material and food provisions for the orphan refugee centre of Caritas in Djibouti

The ‘Navarra’ vessel has taken the opportunity of a stopover at the Djibouti port, during its deployment in the Operation Atalanta – under the national operational control of the Operations Command-, to visit the facilities of an orphanage centre of Caritas in Djibouti.

Representatives of the ‘Navarra’ personnel has carried to this organisation school material, clothing, food, water and toys, donated by both the vessel or taken by the Religious Support Office of the Naval Station Rota.

The orphanage centre of Caritas Djibouti provides children, mostly immigrants living on the street, a space where they can receive the minimum care and assistance, as well as time and means to learn and play.

After unloading the material, the personnel has spent some hours volunteering, such as playing with the centre’s children and practising sports like football and basketball.