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Final operational mission of the D4 VIGMA aircraft at the Orion Detachment within Operation Atalanta

May 29, 2023
  • For 80 days, it has supported the Air Tactical Detachment with more than 140 flight hours

The D-4 VIGMA aircraft, which has been serving with the 'Orion' detachment deployed in the European Union's Operation 'Atalanta' since 10 March, will be returning home in the next few days.

In its maritime surveillance role, the D-4 VIGMA has demonstrated the platform's capabilities, thanks to the aircraft's systems and the training, experience and professionalism of its crews.

The missions performed and the products provided to the Mission Support Centre have been recognised by the EU operation command. This has dispelled initial reservations about the platform's capabilities compared to its predecessor, the P-3M Orion.

It is worth to highlight the work carried out not only by the crews, but also by the support and maintenance personnel, who have provided a high level of operability to the aircraft.

The aircraft will return to the area of operations to support the DAT 'Orion' in the last quarter of this year.

The outcome of these 80 days of its integration in the operation based in Djibouti can be summarised in 18 operational missions carried out, 144 flight hours in the Horn of Africa and more than 7500 contacts. The Orion Detachment has accumulated more than 14300 flight hours within the 'Atalanta' operation.

Operation Atalanta', under the European Union flag, is part of Spain's commitment to maintain maritime security off the coast of Somalia and neighbouring countries in the Indian Ocean region.