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The 46th Orion Air Tactical Detachment relay reaches 100 flight hours in 'Operation Atalanta' mission.

May 16, 2023
  • With this flight, the DAT Orion has accumulated 14,344 flight hours.

The D4-06 Vigma aircraft of the 'Detachment Orion' of the Air and Space Army landed in Djibouti after finishing one of the missions assigned by the Operational Headquarters Rota of the 'Operation Atalanta'. On board, the crew of the 87th rotation exceeded 100 mission flight hours performed during the detachment of the 46th contingent.

These more than 100 hours are added to the total accumulated in Djibouti by the different rotations of troops and crews, carried out aboard the P3 Orion platforms, from which the detachment took its name, and the D4 Vigma, which in the past was deployed to cover the programmed maintenance needs of the P3 Orion and currently, after the withdrawal of the last P3, has taken over the mission.

With this flight, the 'DAT Orion' has accumulated a total of 14,344 flight hours, of which the D4 Vigma has performed 3,177.

The missions performed by the Air and Space Army aircraft in this EU mission have earned them the slogan "We are the Eyes of Operation Atalanta".

Operation Atalanta', under the flag of the European Union, is part of the commitment acquired by Spain in the fight to maintain maritime security off the coasts of Somalia and neighbouring countries in the Indian Ocean region.