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The frigate 'Santa Maria' (F-81) provides healthcare support to fishermen in the Indian Ocean

Indian Ocean
November 27, 2022
  • The vessel, integrated in 'Operation Atalanta', provides medical assistance in international waters of the western Indian Ocean to a fisherman who suffered an injury

During a patrol to monitor illegal activities in the area of operations, the frigate 'Santa María' made a friendly approach to a fishing vessel operating in the area. During the Visit and Search procedures on board the fishing vessel, which had been sailing for several weeks, the crew reported the existence of a crew member with a fractured wrist that had been broken for two weeks.

Following the arrival of the medical team on board the fishing vessel and an initial assessment of the injured fisherman's physical condition, the medical team decided to take him on board the 'Santa María' and proceed with the surgery. The surgery was carried out in the ship's infirmary where the medical team sedated the patient and reduced and immobilised the bone fracture.

After recovering from sedation and receiving the relevant health instructions and medication, the fisherman was transferred back to his boat, where the crew expressed their gratitude to the frigate's medical team. This medical team is made up of a ROLE 1 and ROLE 2, trained to carry out this type of intervention in the area of operations.

The Spanish frigate is part of 'Operation Atalanta', under national operational control of the Operations Command.