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Pioneering surgery using general anaesthesia on board the frigate 'Canarias'

In Seychelles
May 17, 2022
  • The operation was carried out in the harbour of Port Victoria, Seychelles

A member of the frigate's crew came to the medical team on 14 May with symptoms that suggested he was suffering from acute appendicitis. It was decided to do surgery on board, taking advantage of the resources the ship has been equipped with. After the surgery, the patient is recovering favourably.

The frigate 'Canaria' is currently deployed in 'Operation Atalanta', under the operational control of the Operations Command, and is carrying a ROLE 2, which has the necessary anaesthetic-surgical resources to carry out operations such as this one.

The operation was carried out with the entire medical team, surgeon, anaesthetist, surgery assistant and the support of the rest of the medical personnel on board. It lasted around one hour and ten minutes, with a completely normal course and a satisfactory result.

The ship's medical team is made up of a lieutenant colonel surgeon assigned to the Royal Guard, an anaesthesiologist reservist second lieutenant volunteer, a traumatologist second lieutenant volunteer, an surgery assistant nurse captain assigned to the Gómez Ulla Hospital and a general medicine lieutenant assigned to the Navy's Diving Centre.

The frigate 'Canarias' has been the last of its series to adapt the transformation of the infirmary into an operating theatre suitable for ROLE 2 F, having demonstrated the suitability of this adaptation and the versatility of this action.