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Tribute to the fallen in camp Butmir Sarajevo

March 23, 2023
  • The ceremony took place in remembrance of the 27th anniversary of the death of Staff Sergeant Enrique Veigas Fernández in 1996.

On the anniversary of his death, the Spanish contingent in the ALTHEAE Operation, has paid a simple tribute the Staff Sergeant Enrique Veigas Fernandez who died in the line of duty near the Bosnian town of Citluk, when he was part of the NATO Force for the implementation of the agreements that put an end to the war in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

The Staff Sergeant belonged to the Information and Location Group of the 63rd Field Rocket Artillery Regiment of the Spanish Army. For this reason, a beret from his artillery unit was placed next to the bouquet of flowers with the colours of the national ensign.

Spain and your companions do not forget those of you who, in the line of duty, gave your lives, faithful to the oath you swore.