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'Tigru' detachment surpasses 11,000 hours of aerial surveillance in Romania

In Schitu, Rumanía
March 27, 2024
  • The air surveillance radar is deployed in the 'NATO Enhanced Air Policing-RDR' mission and continues demonstrating its reliability in the air surveillance mission

After 18 months deployed in Romania, the AN/TPS-43M air surveillance radar has surpassed 11,000 hours of service, continuing its mission as part of the 'NATO Enhanced Air Policing-RDR' operation. This event highlights the unwavering commitment and operational excellence of the Tigru Air Tactical Detachment in its mission to guarantee security and air surveillance on NATO's eastern flank.

Since its deployment in October 2002, the Mobile Air Control Group radar has demonstrated exceptional availability and reliability, playing a crucial role in bolstering the allied presence in this strategic region for NATO. The effective integration of radar data into the Alliance's Air Defense System, through the Balotesti 'Control and Reporting Centre' in Bucharest, has been a key factor in the success of this mission.

Along these 18 months, the Tigru Detachment has not only maintained a firm commitment to the assigned mission, but has also implemented important technological improvements and infrastructure adjustments to optimize the radar's operability and efficiency. These innovations include the improvement of data recording and analysis tools, as well as improvements in the energy and climate control systems, thereby guaranteeing optimum operating conditions for the equipment at all times.

This significant achievement of 11,000 hours of service not only reflects the outstanding preparation and dedication of the personnel of the Tigru Detachment, formed by members of the Air and Space Army with the main participation of the personnel of the Mobile Air Control Group and the Second Air Deployment Support Squadron, but also reaffirms Spain's role as a key pillar in NATO's collective security and as a reliable and committed ally in the defense of peace and stability in Europe.

The continued success of the Tigru Detachment and the AN/TPS-43M radar in Romania is a testament to Spain's ability to lead and execute air surveillance operations, making a difference in promoting shared values and international cooperation for global security.