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The 'Tigru' Detachment reaches 8,000 hours of aerial surveillance in Operation eAP-RDR in Romania

Schitu, Romania
November 21, 2023
  • The AN/TPS-43M radar of the Mobile Air Traffic Control Group continues its successful operations outside national territory.

The surveillance radar deployed in the Romanian town of Schitu has passed 8,000 hours of operation guarding NATO's skies on the eastern border of Europe as part of the "NATO enhanced Air Policing-RDR" operation.

The 'Tigru' Detachment, in charge of the operation and maintenance of the AN/TPS-43M radar, guarantees the high readiness of the system, as well as the appropriate integration of the radar data into the NATO Air Defence System, through the CRC (Control and Reporting Centre) Crystal in Bucharest.

This new landmark once again demonstrates the high level of training and technical qualification of the 'Tigru' Detachment's personnel. The high performance standards reached in radar maintenance are the result of the training and instruction plans of the Mobile Air Control Group (GRUMOCA), as a Reference Unit, the efforts of the staff of the various Air and Army Units that form part of the Detachment, as well as an effective supply network led by the Logistic Centre of Transmissions.

The 'Tigru' Detachment maintains its mission of enhancing the air defence of NATO's eastern flank, started in October last year, performing its mission with absolute determination and commitment, in order to continue ensuring the highest levels of readiness.