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Relief of the Spanish contingent of the detachment 'Tigru'.

En Schitu, Rumanía
October 31, 2023
  • The 'Tigru' is deployed in NATO's 'enhanced Air Policing RADAR' operation to reinforce the Allied presence on the Eastern Flank of Europe.

The handover ceremony was held between the third and fourth contingents of the Air Tactical Detachment (DAT) in NATO's Operation 'eAP-RDR', under the operational command of the Operations Command. The ceremony was presided over by Major General José Luis Ortiz-Cañavate Levenfeld, current head of the Air Surveillance and Control System, accompanied by Colonel José Antonio Pereira García, head of the Mobile Air Control Group, and Colonel Antonio Miguel Romón Almansa, as representative of the Operations Command.

At the ceremony, the outgoing Force Commander, Major Luis Julián Martínez Azabarte, handed over command of the 'Tigru' Detachment to Lieutenant Colonel Fernando Ruiz Huerta, bringing the 3rd contingent's mission to an end after more than four months of deployment in which the operational rate of the AN/TPS 43M radar has been quite high. It has reached more than 7500 hours since the beginning of the mission.

This relief is mainly composed of personnel from the Mobile Air Control Group (GRUMOCA) of the Second Air Deployment Support Squadron (SEADA) and other Air and Space Army units.

Major General Ortiz-Cañavate addressed a few words to the personnel, highlighting the work done by the outgoing contingent and wishing the incoming one the best of luck to continue fulfilling this mission in Romania.

Operation 'eAP-RDR', under the NATO flag, is part of the commitment acquired by Spain, with the objective of reinforcing the allied presence on the Eastern flank through the enlistment and deployment of a long-range air surveillance radar. In addition, its support is guaranteed at all times in order to make an effective contribution to the defence of allied countries.