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National Day and first anniversary of the mission in DAT Tigru

Schitu ,Romania
October 13, 2023
  • Coinciding with National Day, a simple military ceremony is held in Schitu to commemorate the first anniversary of the detachment.

On October 12th, the Tigru Air Tactical Detachment in Schitu (Romania) held a simple ceremony on the occasion of the Spanish National day and the first anniversary of the NATO eAP-RDR (enhanced Air Policing) mission.

The event was attended by personnel from the Romanian Air Force and consisted of a solemn flag raising, an address by the head of the Detachment, in which the relevance of the National Day for all Spaniards and the importance of having reached the first year of the mission were highlighted. Finally, a tribute was paid to those who have fallen for Spain.

The Tigru Detachment was launched on 15 October 2022 and during this first year has contributed to the air defence of NATO's eastern flank by deploying, operating and sustaining the AN/TPS-43M long-range tactical radar of the Mobile Air Control Group on the shores of the Black Sea.

During this time, more than 7,000 hours of surveillance of the airspace for which it is responsible have been completed, and this has been possible thanks to the tireless work of the personnel from different Air and Space Army units that make up this detachment. Professionals from different areas of work, such as specialists in communications, radar, security and health, among others, who, in true team spirit, have achieved excellent results in this mission, which is so important for Spain, Romania and NATO.

Spain's firm commitment to this operation continues and the Tigru Detachment will continue to fulfil its mission in the future, thus contributing to the defence of this NATO region.