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The 'Tigru' Detachment exceeds 7,000 hours of aerial surveillance in Operation 'Enhanced Air Policing - Romania'.

October 3, 2023
  • The AN/TPS-43M radar of the Mobile Air Control Group marks another milestone in operations outside national territory.

The radar of the 'Tigru' detachment has already reached 7,000 hours of service outside national territory. It is deployed in Romania, monitoring the skies of the Atlantic Alliance countries on the eastern flank of Europe, as part of Operation NATO enhanced Air Policing-RDR.

This radar, belonging to the Spanish Mobile Air Control Group, is deployed in operation since October 2022, operating in the 'Tigru' Detachment, located south of the city of Constanta in Romania. The data it provides is integrated into the NATO Air Defence System through the CRC (Control and Reporting Centre) in Balotesti, north of Bucharest.

The mission of the 'Tigru' Detachment is to strengthen the air defence of NATO's eastern flank. The achievement of more than 7,000 hours of air surveillance since the start of the operation has been possible thanks to the hard work of the personnel of the various air and space army units that make up the detachment.