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The viespe task force carries out joint training days with emergency personnel from borcea-fetesti air base

April 14, 2023
  • After the first week of QRA duty, training in the management of emergency response procedures at the Viespe Detachment takes centre stage.

Staff of the ‘Viespe Detachment’ has attended a training workshop on emergency procedures. They have trained with Romanian personnel, to check and verify what each person's role should be in a real situation of emergency.

The EF-18 maintenance area gave several briefings to the Base's fire-fighting personnel on the various actions to be carried out on the aircraft in the event of an incident. The procedures for using the basic equipment to gain access to the pilot were explained, such as the unfolding of the aircraft ladder, the release of the cabin and access to the cockpit. In addition, the way in which personnel should approach the different parts of the aircraft was taught, and the process of shutting down the aircraft from the main landing gear shaft was also demonstrated.

On the next day, a complete drill was carried out with all the participants involved in an air emergency, where an in-flight incident was practiced. The aircraft simulated problems in the braking system and it was needed to make a take-off with a catch on the braking barrier. The siren blew and the whole operation got underway, Spanish and Romanian personnel worked in unison from their different areas of responsibility to avoid a possible disaster, the loss of a life. As in all the drills, small lessons were identified that improve the performance in a real case.

It is drills like this one that allow the training to take place before the stress of the event in a real situation.