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The 'Tigru' Detachment reaches its initial operational capability and its command is transferred to the NATO Air Defense structure.

November 8, 2022
  • The mission of the detachment is to reinforce airspace surveillance of the southern flank of the Alliance.

The Air Force personnel and the long-range air surveillance radar that are part of the 'Tigru' Detachment have already reached their initial operational capability. Thus, its command is transferred to the NATO Air Defense structure, under national operational control of the Operations Command.

This air defense has been reinforced on the eastern flank of the Alliance through the operation "enhanced Air Policing", with resources from other Member States, the framework in which the Spanish detachment is deployed.

The deployment of the 'Tigru' Detachment in Romania began on October 15, with the arrival of the first components. A few days later, the AN/TPS-43M radar arrived in the area of operations, an indispensable system for the fulfillment of the mission.

After several days of work, the detachment personnel completed the deployment of the radar and the integration of the data in the Romanian Surveillance and Control Center, showing that the Spanish Armed Forces meet the highest standards of readiness.

This was a first historic milestone in the achievement of the objectives of the mission. Since then, the radar has been operational and available to NATO's Air Surveillance System.

The second milestone was the transfer of authority of the 'Tigru' Detachment, by order of the Chief of Defence Staff, from the Operations Command to SACEUR (Supreme Allied Commander Europe), being now officially integrated into the NATO structure.

It will be controlled from the Combined Air Operations Center (CAOC) in Torrejón, together with the rest of the means and systems that contribute to NATO's air and missile defense in the southern area of Europe.