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Eurofighters form "AMBER 23" detachment exceed 800 flight hours on the Baltic air police mission

Estonia, Ämari
November 29, 2023
  • Air Force aircraft are deployed in this NATO Atlantic Alliance operation.

Spanish Eurofighters have reached the milestone of 800 flight hours during an aircraft interception training mission (T-scramble) operating from Ämari air base. This number of flight hours has been reached shortly before the end of its deployment in Estonia.

On August 1st '23, the 'Amber' Detachment was deployed with eight Eurofighters from the 11th Wing to Lithuania where they have performed real aircraft identification and interception missions, as well as training missions in a multinational environment where interoperability with allied weapon systems has been put into practice.

The "Ämbar" Tactical Air Detachment is made up of 130 military personnel who, in their different fields of action, have made it possible for the Air Force Eurofighters to complete these 800 hours of flight time on a NATO Air Policing mission in the Baltic, under the operational control of the Operations Command.