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'Ámbar' Detachment’s Eurofighters are under the phase of combined alert operations along with the Luftwaffe in Estonia

In Ämari, Estonia
September 5, 2022
  • 14th Wing deployed aircraft take responsibility over the operations of the combined alert operations along with the German Eurofighters

Once the four Spanish Eurofighters deployed at the Ämari Air Base have completed the initial phase of training and familiarization flights, all of them are now operational to be activated at any time with mixed crews alongside the German Eurofighters.

Until September the 3rd, various combined teams of pilots and mechanics have trained together, carrying out familiarization flights, day and night, ensuring the interoperability of weapons systems and shared maintenance.

Since September the 4th, the Spanish and German Eurofighters also conduct jointly combined quick reaction alert operations. The alert planes are German and Spanish and include mixed crews available to be in flight with emergency takeoffs (scramble) in less than 15 minutes 24/7, to intercept unidentified aircraft; maintenance of alert aircraft is also combined, in such a way that personnel, material and weapons are shared and used on aircraft regardless  the aircraft’s country, due to the compatibility of allied weapons systems.

It is the first time that Spanish Eurofighters on an Air Police mission in the Baltic are configured with weapons from another allied country, Germany’s, within the framework of the interoperability project for allied advanced weapon systems material. 

On August the 25th, four Spanish Air Force’s Eurofighters were deployed in Estonia, under the operational control of the Operations Command (MOPS), to join the German Eurofighters in the NATO’s Baltic Air Policing to guarantee the shared security of Alliance’s airspace Alliance.