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Detachment 'Vilkas' takes part on a seminar about women´s role within the framework of NATO operations

Vilnius, Lihtuania
August 10, 2020
  • The British Embassy to Lithuania hosted the seminar 'What Makes Us Strong' 

The UK Ambassador to Lithuania, Brian Olley, together with other authorities from the UK, the Netherlands and Lithuania, opened the seminar "What Makes Us Strong" on women in NATO missions.

The event was attended by the deputy head of the Spanish embassy in Lithuania, María Luisa García García, and the had of the Spanish detachment 'Vilkas', lieutenant colonel Jesús Gutiérrez Gallego. The seminar was also attended by Captain María Jesús Hernández Goñi and First Sergeant Graciela Barbera Inocencio from the 15th Wing of the Air Force.

The seminar scheduled some lectures, discussions and a detailed photographic exhibition. These activities have remarked the commitment and values of women soldiers within allied missions.

Among the various presentations, the Deputy Head of the British Embassy, Julia Smyth, with the topic 'Women, Peace and Security', and the Lieutenant Colonel of the Lithuanian Military Academy, Joana Polekauskienė, who developed the topic 'Women and Leadership', are worth mentioning.

The two Spanish military women, together with other representatives from the United Kingdom, France and Lithuania, described their experiences in NATO missions, explained their professional and personal motivations and told anecdotes about their work routine.

The seminar continued with a photographic exhibition of military personnel from the different NATO missions deployed in the Baltic. Some of the photographs are portraits of military personnel from the Spanish detachment.

The programme of activities ended with the intervention of the United Kingdom ambassador, who thanked and highlighted the professionalism and commitment of the military men and women who participate in all NATO operations.