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The A-14 'Patiño' completes its 2700th resupply manoeuvre at sea

In the Eastern Mediterranean
November 2, 2023
  • The ship, which left its base in Ferrol on 27 September, is tasked with maintaining the combat capability of the naval force deployed in a distant theatre of operations for extended periods of time.

On 1 November 2023, the combat supply ship 'Patiño' completed with the frigate 'Méndez Núñez' the 2,700th replenishment manoeuvre (RAS in Spanish) in its history. During this manoeuvre, the frigate Méndez Núñez and the Royal Navy destroyer, HMS Duncan (D-37), were simultaneously supplied.

During the total number of manoeuvres since its delivery to the Navy in 1995, the "Patiño" has carried out 2,316 liquid RAS and 384 solid RAS. Of all these, it should be noted that the 'Patiño' has only acted as a receiving ship on 3 occasions, in 1997, 2016 and, most recently, last June, during the FLOTEX exercise, where it received JP5 fuel from the 'Juan Carlos I'.

From the history of manoeuvres, it should be noted that the maximum amount of fuel transferred at one time was carried out in 2016, where almost 2.5 million litres were transferred to the US Navy ship, USNS Robert E. Peary.

The "Patiño" has been deployed since 27 September in the eastern Mediterranean contributing its capabilities to the "Noble Shield" operation.

Since its integration in the operation, it has carried out a total of 17 supply manoeuvres at sea, 16 for fuel, in which it has supplied almost 5 million litres of F76 and F44 fuel to ships from 6 different nations.

In addition to its mission within the deployment, the "Patiño" maintains its training level on a daily basis, with exercises such as combat drill, man overboard, shooting with portable weapons, abandon ship and steering failure.