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The frigate F-104 'Méndez Núñez' docks in the port of Patras and commemorates the Battle of Lepanto with an act of tribute to the fallen

Gulf of Patras, Greece
October 2, 2023
  • The Navy ship is currently integrated into NATO's Standing Naval Group 2 (SNMG-2) as part of Operation Noble Shield.

The frigate 'Méndez Núñez' has sailed to the waters of the Ionian Sea, carrying out a patrol, as well as joint exercises with other NATO units, thus maintaining the naval presence and capabilities of the Spanish contingent.

For a few days it has called at the Greek port of Patras, very close to the area where the Battle of Lepanto took place in the 16th century, in which a coalition, the "Holy League", of which Spain was a member, fought against the Ottoman Empire.

 On leaving port, a ceremony was held to commemorate the fallen in this battle with an offering of flowers. This episode of war, which took place more than 450 years ago, demonstrated the naval capabilities of the Kingdom of Spain with its embarked Tercios, which achieved victory against the Ottoman forces. Spanish sailors remember this heroic deed every time they sing the Navy's anthem.

The F-104 has been part of SNMG-2 since 18 August, a naval grouping made up of naval units from different countries currently deployed in the Mediterranean as a 'Very Rapid Maritime Reaction Force' (VJTF-M).