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Frigate 'Almirante Juan de Borbón' begins deployment within the NATO Standing Naval Group 1

At sea
September 24, 2021
  • The frigate left Ferrol on September the 14th and will remain in northern European waters until November

After a week at sea, the frigate is now fully integrated into NATO's Standing Naval Group 1 (SNMG-1), whose goals are deterrence, collective defence, naval presence and increasing interoperability between allied navies.

SNMG-1 is currently taking part in the naval exercise 'Joint Warrior' 21-2, organized by the United Kingdom and conducted in the North of the British Islands.

In addition to the frigate's own crew, for this deployment, the Spanish warship has an Embarked Air Unit (UNAEMB) from the 10th Navy Aircraft Squadron, a Marine Infantry Security Operational Team (EOS) belonging to 'Tercio de Armada' and seconded personnel, including a doctor and an air traffic controller.

In order to start the deployment, the frigate has gone through different phases of readiness. The first of these stages was the scheduled stop period (PIP in Spanish), in which the necessary maintenance was carried out on the frigate for its correct enlistment. The individual training phase then started, in which the ship participated in various national exercises and its crew was trained by personnel from the Cadiz area Navy Combat Evaluation Centre (CEVACO-EVADIZ in Spanish). This phase ended last July by overcoming Operational Qualification (CALOP in Spanish) in the waters of the Bay of Cádiz.

Finally, thanks to the great effort of the personnel at the Ferrol dockyard and from the ship's own crew to take care of all necessary details for the mission during the last month, the logistical enlistment was carried out successfully.

The frigate will remain integrated into the SNMG-1 until November.