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Submarine S-71 'GALERNA' to be integrated for more than a month in operation 'SEA GUARDIAN' in the Mediterranean

Mediterranean sea
November 6, 2023
  • The submarine 'Galerna' joins NATO adding to the understanding of the marine environment and contributing to the preservation of security in the Mediterranean waters.

The inclusion of the "Galerna" in Operation Sea Guardian highlights, once again, Spain's firm support for NATO's objectives and the security of its member states.

The "Galerna" (S-71), based in Cartagena, is the first of four Spanish submarines of the "Agosta" class. It has been in Spanish service since 1983. Its crew is made up of 68 crew members, with an undoubted vocation for service, motivation and a spirit of sacrifice. For more than a month, they will join the allied effort to preserve security in the Mediterranean from the depths.

Thanks to their discreet nature, they can carry out surveillance tasks without interrupting the pattern of life in their patrol area, which allows them to locate, identify and track illicit activities such as smuggling, drug and human trafficking, among others.

Operation Sea Guardian

In 2016, NATO launched Operation Sea Guardian (OSG), concluding the transition from the former Operation Active Endeavour (OAE) to a non-article 5 maritime security operation.

It is an allied initiative targeting knowledge of the maritime environment in the Mediterranean, to prevent and combat terrorism, and to reduce the risk of other threats. It is an adaptable mission that can address a wide range of maritime security tasks, including preserving freedom of navigation, maritime interdiction, countering the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and critical infrastructure protection.