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The submarine 'Tramontana' calls at the port of Augusta (Sicily) after completing the first part of its deployment.

In Augusta, Italia
August 30, 2021
  • The Submarine docks in the Italian port for logistical reasons. Afterwards, it will continue its navigation as part of NATO's "Sea Guardian" operation

 After the first sailing trips, the S-74 'Tramontana' set sail for the Italian island of Sicily, where it arrived on the morning of Monday 30 for a logistical stopover. This stopover served to resupply the ship with provisions and to carry out the maintenance that will allow it to continue sailing until the end of the deployment.

During this first part of the patrol, maritime surveillance tasks have been carried out within the framework of the operation, countering terrorism and other threats projected from the sea. In addition, the time allowed to carry out various individual training exercises to maintain the high level of operability that has always characterized the Spanish submarines.

Once this stopover is finished, the submarine will set sail again to continue its mission in Mediterranean waters, where it will remain on patrol with the stealth and discretion that characterizes it until the end of the deployment, scheduled for the end of September.

During the stay in the Italian port, the strict prevention measures dictated by the health authorities to mitigate the risk of contagion will continue.

The submarine 'Tramontana' accumulates more than 35 years of service in its wake, but continues to effectively fulfill all the missions entrusted to it. Participating in this mission demonstrates the commitment the Submarine Weapon, the Navy and Spain have with NATO.