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Preparations continue for the deployment of personnel and means that Spain plans to send to Slovakia

Lešť, Eslovaquia
February 12, 2024
  • All personnel who will be integrated into this battlegroup will be on the ground by the end of June

The Spanish Armed Forces continue with the logistical actions required to carry out the progressive deployment of personnel and resources in Slovakia. The Operations Command, MOPS, manages and coordinates both the use of the strategic transport means necessary for the deployment, projection, sustainment and support of the deployed forces as well as the relations with the transit countries and the host nation.

The deployment of these capabilities began on 20 January with the arrival of the first contingent, a group of 50 men and women from different army units.

Staff already deployed are working on site reconnaissance to coordinate the future contingent facilities along with all aspects of health support management.

There are a number of capabilities attributed to this operation that are not yet deployed. They will remain ready and alert on national territory and will be activated if necessary to complete the composition of the brigade.

The projection and strategic deployment of personnel, resources and equipment shows the effort that Spain is currently making. The degree of difficulty in the coordination of the activities being carried out and the logistical effort involved in this type of deployment enable us to put into practice the procedures for crossing borders between allied countries. It is an excellent opportunity to raise the level of training of the personnel who form part of the contingent.

With this deployment of forces, Spain contributes to the mission of guaranteeing the freedom, sovereignty and independence of Alliance countries on NATO's eastern flank.