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Biannual 'Iron Spear' competition ends, with Spain leading podiums once more

Camp Adazi, Letonia
November 18, 2023
  • The competition brings together NATO Battlegroups deployed in the Baltic States and Poland.

As part of a ongoing engagement in operational effectiveness and multinational cooperation, NATO forces deployed in the Baltic States and Poland joined the renowned Iron Spear competition at the Adazi military base.

The infantry fighting vehicles included the Pizarro (Spain), Bradley (United States), CV-90 (Netherlands), Dardo (Italy), LAV-6 (Canada), Marder (Germany), Scimitar (Latvia) and Warrior (United Kingdom). The Leopard 2E (Spain), M1 Abrams (USA), Ariete (Italy), Challenger 2 (UK), Leopard 2A6 (Germany) and PT-91 (Poland) took part in the tank category.

In this competition, Spain renewed its claim to the title of winner by achieving first and second place in the tank category and third place in the infantry fighting vehicle competition. During the intense days of testing, rigorous evaluations were carried out to measure the operational capability and effectiveness of the combat vehicles.

The event included specific days where units proved their ability to cope with shooting and driving exercises. One of the highlights of the competition was the "Firepower Demo", a demonstration of the firepower and operational capability of the participating teams.

The Iron Spear competition not only enhances the tactical and technical prowess of the participating forces, but also reinforces the bonds of collaboration between NATO countries. The biannual event is also a platform for allied competition and a testimony to the collective commitment of member nations to defence and security in a strategic region.

The Iron Spear competition is a landmark event that underlines the readiness and capability of NATO forces deployed in the Baltic States and Poland, thereby reinforcing security and stability in this crucial part of Europe.