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Contingent eFP XIII successfully completes twelve days of intense manoeuvres in an international environment

Adazi, Latvia
October 3, 2023
  • The certification exercise for personnel deployed to the eFP BG Latvia culminated in a demonstration of combat power at the Distinguished Visitors Day.

From 5 September to 2 October, the 'NAMEJS' force training exercise organised by the Latvian Armed Forces took place in Latvia, including the final certification exercise 'Silver Arrow'. These forces include the Battle Group Latvia (BG), with a large representation of the Spanish Armed Forces, transferred to the NATO force structure, under the operational control of the Operations Command.

The 'Silver Arrow' has been the main milestone for the certification of Battle Group Latvia, during its rotation in the international mission in Latvia. The good results achieved demonstrate the readiness and responsiveness of the forces deployed in the Baltic region, thus strengthening security and stability in the area.

On the first days of the manoeuvres in Adazi, personnel from the Latvian Army Mechanised Brigade conducted a conventional defensive combat exercise, carrying out delaying operations and ending with a counter-attack on enemy forces. An allied unit, the 101st Airborne Division of the United States, participated as an opposing force (OPFOR), together with part of the 17th Polish Infantry Brigade and other Latvian Army units. This international collaboration has allowed for an exchange of tactics and procedures.

The focal point of the exercise was reached on 29 September, when the Distinguished Visitors Day was held. During this event, the participating forces put on a display of their combat power, highlighting the capabilities and skills acquired during the 'Silver Arrow' exercise. This demonstration not only impressed local observers but also reinforced the importance of the international mission in Latvia. Among those attending the event were the Latvian Prime Minister and Minister of Defence as well as ambassadors from nations with a Battle Group troop presence.

The Silver Arrow reinforces the determination of allied forces and underlines the importance of international cooperation in the defence and security of Latvia and the Baltic region as a whole.