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The Spanish Contingent deployed in Latvia takes part in the ‘Titan Forge’ multinational exercise

Camp Adazi, Latvia
August 1, 2023
  •  eFP XIII military personnel from the multinational Battle Group ‘Latvia’ carries out the first major exercise of the mission

During four days, the ‘Titan Forge’ exercise took place at the Camp Adazi training area and had as its main aim to further defence capabilities of the NATO forces deployed in Latvia.

1,200 troops have been involved in this multinational exercise, including eFP XIII personnel of the Spanish contingent. Combat training and cooperation capabilities of all the Battle Group members, led by Canada and composed of more than 1,700 military personnel from 11 countries (Albania, Czech Republic, Italy, Iceland, Canada, Montenegro, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain and North Macedonia), have been tested.

During the ‘Titan Forge’ exercise, tactics, techniques and procedures of the Alliance were implemented and shared. Moreover, the command role was proved in real time to be able to lead and control a unit composed of more than 1,200 troops and 600 combat vehicles.

During this exercise in the training area of the Adazi Military Base, different procedures to be applied in alert states through which the Unit should go in the event of an emergency (ALERTEX) have been put into practice: reception at assembly areas, breaking barriers and river-crossing drills with the Spanish ‘Dornier’ forefront support bridge.

In the final part of the exercise, numerous echelon tactical crossings to the frontal and rear attack positions were successfully completed.