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The Spanish Armed Forces contribute to the protection of airspace during the NATO Summit

In Lithuania
July 10, 2023
  • From the 10 to 12 of July, the Anti Air Defence Unit NASAMS eFP XII and a TK-23 airbus strengthened security during the NATO Summit in Lithuania

The Spanish support to the protection of the Alliance Summit adds today an Air Detachment to the NASAMS eFP XII Anti Air Defence Unit (UDAA) – deployed in Latvia since six months ago. The operation has the mission of defending Lithuania’s airspace while the Summit is taking place. The aim is to contribute effectively to deterrence and, if necessary, to the defence of allied countries, under the national operational control of the Operations Command.

The Air Detachment has personnel and material of the 31st Wing, more concretely a TK-23 aircraft with aerial refueling capacity. Its mission is to support the Baltic Air Policing that NATO has deployed in the area during these days.

The selection of UDAA NASAMS eFP XII to protect also the airspace of the neighbouring country is a testimony of its exceptional performance in Latvia. The technical achievements in terms of connectivity attained during its deployment, the high level of instruction and training demonstrated by the unit’s personnel and their ability to adapt themselves to changes at a rapid pace have been fundamental elements for its selection in the new Anti Air Defence undertaking.

The NATO Summit in Lithuania is a key milestone for strenghtening the cooperation and security in an ever-changing world. Participating leaders will discuss crucial issues such as cyber security, the boost of its presence and deterrence capacity of the NATO, the stability in the southern flank and the transatlantic cooperation.

Spain’s participation in air defence and missions, as a NATO member country, provides evidence of the commitment and solidarity with our allies and neighbours. We work for democracy, freedom, peace and security.