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Spanish 'Leopards', winners of the 'Iron Spear 2022' competition in their category

Adazi Base, Latvia
November 18, 2022
  • Spanish crews participated in this multinational armored vehicle exercise with 'Leopard' and 'Pizarro' tanks

The eFP XI contingent deployed in Latvia has participated in the multinational exercise 'Iron Spear 2022' held at the Adazi Base from November 14 to 17. The exercise tested the capabilities of the tanks and armored vehicles and the shooting and driving skills of their crews. Thirty-four teams from 13 NATO nations participated. The Spanish crews of the 'Leopard' vehicles won in their category, armored vehicles, and also took seventh place in the classification of mechanized vehicles with the 'Pizarro' infantry fighting vehicle.

This multinational exercise began with a daytime and nighttime firing demonstration by all the participants, followed by the Iron Spear, driving and dexterity competitions.

The aim of this type of activities is to promote the spirit of self-improvement and to encourage all the crews of the member countries to reach the best levels of training and interoperability. On this occasion, NATO has demonstrated its fire and reaction capabilities as well as the commitment to deterrence and collective defense, if necessary, of the Baltic countries and Poland.

The mission of the eFP XI contingent is to deter any attempt of aggression against Latvia's territory. Spain not only reinforces its commitment to collective defense, but also makes an effective contribution to national defense beyond its borders.