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Spanish units of the enhance Foward Presence (eFP) Battle Group participated in exercise 'Winter Shield'

December 4, 2021
  • The exercise, led by the 1st Battalion of the Latvian Brigade, included three live-fire drills and the participation of the US Army 3rd Battalion from the 66th Armored Regiment

The mechanised infantry tactical subgroup and the engineer unit, Spanish units of the eFP mission in Latvia, have been chosen to participate in the Winter Shield exercise, representing the Battle Group in which they are integrated. From 22 November to 3 December, this exercise was carried out at Camp Ādaži. The exercises were led by the mechanised battalion of the Latvian Brigade and the US Army battalion 3-66 was also involved.

The "Winter Shield" exercise is, after the "Silver Arrow" exercise, the most important exercise for the Latvian Brigade in which the Battle Group of the eFP mission in Latvia is integrated. Joint exercises and drills, including three live-fire exercises, planned and executed by the units of the three participating countries, were conducted over a two-week period.

The Spanish military participated in all the tactical exercises carried out. The Spanish mechanised tactical subgroup deployed all its sections. The "Pizarro" infantry fighting vehicles, the "Leopard" tank, the 120 mm heavy mortars, the "Spike" missile and the air attack control equipment (JTAC- Joint Terminal Attack Controllers) are some of the elements that make this subgroup the most capable of the Battle Group.

In addition, the engineer unit carried out explosives training as part of counter-mobility training. Together with the Spanish sapper section, it took part in several river crossing operations in support of the Czech pontoon section. In total, three river crossing operations were carried out, overcoming spans of up to 140 metres. This is the first rotation using this type of means in Latvia.