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The Battle Group in Latvia shows its combat capability in the exercise 'Bold Axe'

November 18, 2021
  • The Spanish units have actively participated in all the operations carried out during the exercise

The enhanced Forward Presence (eFP) Battle Group in Latvia -in which the Spanish military are integrated- has conducted exercise 'Bold Axe' at the Ādaži military practice range. In addition, British and French units from eFP Estonia joined the exercise.

The exercise lasted 7 days and several tactical drills were conducted, allowing the units to develop their offensive and defensive capabilities. The Estonian eFP units complemented the Battle Group in Latvia by playing the role of opponents in most of the operations conducted, allowing the troops to fully immerse themselves in the exercise.

The Spanish units took part in all the tactical exercises carried out. The Spanish mechanised tactical subgroup is the most capable of those belonging to the Battle Group and, with 'Pizarro' infantry fighting vehicles and 'Leopard' tanks, carried out operations in different environments, such as fighting in forest and urbanised areas.

The sapper section of the Battle Group provided mobility, counter-mobility and force protection support to combat units. It also collaborated with the Czech pontonier unit in a water crossing operation. The pontoons provided by the Czech contingent were used for the first time in this exercise.

NATO´s enhanced Forward Presence (eFP) Battle Groups in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Poland ensure credible and effective deterrence against any threat to our Baltic Allies, while ensuring their readiness to act in the defence of these countries being necessary, demonstrating thus the strong commitment to the Alliance and its multinational character.