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A Spanish mechanised tactical subgroup chosen to represent Latvia's eFP mission for exercise 'Iron Wolf' in Lithuania

October 19, 2021
  • The Spanish unit has also integrated a Polish tank platoon and a Latvian mechanised platoon. Along with the Americans and Lithuanians, they are the opposing force to the Lithuanian Tactical Group

NATO enhanced Forward Presence (eFP) mission's Tactical Group 'Latvia', has deployed one of its infantry tactical sub-groups in support of the 'Iron Wolf' exercise organised by the operation's Tactical Group in Lithuania. Specifically, the Spanish mechanised tactical sub-group took part as an opposition force, with an integrated Polish tank platoon and a Latvian mechanised platoon, along with troops from the 3rd Battalion of the US Army's 66th Regiment and other Lithuanian small unit.

'Iron Wolf' exercise, which took place from October 11th to 23rd, certified the full integration of the Tactical Group within the Lithuanian brigade where they are embedded in.

The Spanish mechanised tactical subgroup is the most capable of all those belonging to the 'Latvia' Tactical Group. In Lithuania they have deployed two mechanised 'Pizarro' IFV platoons and a heavy weapon supporting platoon, equipped with 120 mm mortars, a 'Spike' missile team, a UAV reconnaissance team and snipers. In addition to these assets, a Polish tank platoon and a Latvian mechanised platoon have been added under the command of the infantry captain commanding the sub-group.

Along with the Spanish unit, a mechanised company of 'Striker' vehicles and another armoured company equipped with M1 'Abrams' tanks from the 3rd Battalion of the 66th Regiment of the United States Army, as well as a reserve Lithuanian company, made up the opposition forces.

These drills, also known as dual-action exercises because they involve opposing forces, are particularly useful for military units as they enable troops to become imbued with the atmosphere of the exercise.

NATO Battle Groups in the eFP mission in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Poland ensure credible and effective deterrence of any threat to our Baltic allies, while ensuring readiness to act in defence of these countries if necessary, demonstrating the strong commitment to the Alliance of its member countries and its multinational character.