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Commander of next Spanish contingent to be deployed in Latvia visits the Base of Adazi

March 24, 2021
  • The current commander of the Spanish contingent within NATO's eFP in Latvia and his successor in this position are exchanging knowledge regarding the deployment of the eFP IX contingent

During the first weeks of March, lieutenant colonels Luis Galvache - head of the eFP VIII contingent - and Raúl Vara - head of the eFP IX contingent - have shared some intense and productive days that have helped the head of the next military contingent in Latvia to know first-hand the operation that the Spanish military is developing in the Baltic.

The health restrictions enforced by the state of emergency issued in Latvia have altered the normal development of the reconnaissance schedule in this area of operations. However, since the beginning of the pandemic, Spain and its military are strictly complying with all health protocols, a fact that has allowed Lieutenant Colonel Vara to visit the Spanish contingent in order to have a deeper knowledge of NATO's "enhanced Forward Presence" (eFP) operation.

For several days, both commanders have shared their knowledge about the mission, and LtCol. Vara had the opportunity to attend exercise 'Wolverine Strike' that took place during his visit to Latvia.

Many valuable first-hand experiences have been learned throughout the visit to improve the readiness of the units that Will be part of the eFP IX contingent, whose deployment in Adazi is scheduled to begin the second semester of this year.