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Spanish Brigade in Lebanon receives the ribbon of the “Real Orden de Isabel la Católica”

In Lebanon
January 24, 2024
  •  The Minister of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation, José Manuel Albares Bueno, has awarded the ribbon to the flag of the BRILIB in a ceremony held at the Spanish Embassy in Beirut.

The Lebanon Brigade has received the ribbon of the “Real Orden de Isabel la Católica” for its valuable contribution to the fulfillment of the mandate of the United Nations Security Council, expressed in Resolutions 1701 and 2695, for its dedication and readiness, which has been vital since its deployment in 2006, and for its determination to continue developing its work in support of peace in these tense times. All this has provided and continues to provide stability and security to the region and reflects, at all times, the professionalism, solidarity and humanity of the Spanish soldiers.

Minister José Manuel Albares highlighted the mediating role of the UNIFIL mission, which is currently led by a Spanish general, and the work of protection of the civilian population carried out by the mission in these complicated times, which is joined by the respect and appreciation of the Lebanese authorities, its Army, the mayors and the population, which makes them worthy of this recognition.

The commendable work that Spanish soldiers in UNIFIL have demonstrated is a reflection of Spain's commitment to international solidarity, peace and security.

The “Real Orden de Isabel la Católica” was instituted by King Fernando VII on March 14, 1815, being reorganized by royal decree on July 26, 1847, when it took its current name.

The last regulation was approved by royal decree in 1998. Its current function is "to reward those extraordinary civilian behaviors, carried out by Spaniards and foreigners, that benefit the Nation or that contribute, in a relevant way, to favor the relations of friendship and cooperation of the Spanish Nation with the rest of the International Community".

At present it depends on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Spain. The Grand Master of the Order “Su Majestad El Rey”, and the Grand Chancellor of the Order is the Minister of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation.