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Civil Guard personnel from the Spanish contingent have participated in a knowledge exchange session with the Lebanese police.

In Marjayoun, Lebanon
April 3, 2023
  • The Military Police Detachment of the Spanish contingent and the Lebanese State Security Police have attended a knowledge-sharing seminar.

The seminar consisted of theoretical and practical sessions, with the participation of five members of the Civil Guard and ten members of the Lebanese State Security Police, held on March 30 and 31.

On the first day, experts in criminal investigation gave the basic guidelines on how to proceed at a crime scene, not only focusing on the activities to be carried out, but also placing special emphasis on the actions to be avoided in order to preserve the scene of the crime.

The second day's activities focused on the work of an escort team to keep a VIP safe. From the implementation of movement techniques, both on foot and in a vehicle, to the securing of a specific area, whether open or indoors, by experts in the protection of authorities.

This type of activities with members of the Lebanese police, improve mutual knowledge and common ways of working, which results in the security of the force, a priority of UNIFIL and Spain, with the aim of contributing to peace and stability in Lebanon.