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Lebanon Brigade clears snow routes in its area of responsibility in southern Lebanon

Marjayoun, Lebanon
February 20, 2023
  • Engineers from the Spanish contingent are working around the clock on the narrow mountain roads in southern Lebanon

With the arrival of the first snow in southern Lebanon, Spanish engineers have launched the 'winterisation' to keep the roads open. One of the most affected areas is the one linking the towns of Kafer Chouba and En Nouqar, which passes through the United Nations position belonging to the Indian battalion.

To date, more than 20 km of narrow mountain roads have been cleared. Prior to this work, others have been carried out, such as multiple routes reconnaissance, so that when everything is covered by snow, accidents can be avoided.

The machine platoon personnel, under the command of a sergeant and 8 legionnaires, were supported by a push snow plough, a loading machine, a JCB backhoe and light vehicles. The machinery does not reach everywhere and on several occasions they had to use a hoe and a shovel.

With this activity to support the Lebanese population, Spain shows its solidarity with the Lebanese people, improving their living conditions and contributing to building a lasting peace in the Middle East by complying with UN Resolution 1701.