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The Multinational Brigade Sector East participates in UNIFIL Long-gun Shooting Competition

Naqoura, Lebanon
January 30, 2023
  • Several teams from the contingents of the 'Multinational Brigade Sector East' partook in the UNIFIL Small Arm Shooting Competition (SASCO)

The 'Small Arm Shooting Competition'(SASCO), a long-guns shooting competition involving teams from all UNIFIL contingents and teams from the 'Lebanese Armed Forces' (LAF), took place at the firing range near the UNIFIL base in Naqoura.

The aim of the competition is to assess the level of UNIFIL and the Lebanese Armed Forces in individual and squad shooting.

The competition took place over three days. The first two days were used to determine the teams that would go on to the final and the third day was the final. Eighteen teams took part, of which fifteen belonged to different UNIFIL contingents and three to the LAF.

Participating teams on the first day of qualification were battalions from Ghana, Nepal, South Korea, India, Poland, China, Indonesia, and UNIFIL's Sri Lankan protection force.

On the second day, partaking teams were the battalions of Ireland, Spain, and Malaysia, the UNIFIL maritime force, two teams from the French force commander's reserve, the UNIFIL Indonesian protection force, a team from the 5th LAF Brigade, a team from the 7th LAF Brigade and a team from the 5th LAF Regiment.

The shooting final was contested with the teams that qualified on the previous two days, which were from the battalions of India, Indonesia, South Korea, Malaysia, Spain, a team from the French Force Commander's Reserve, the team from the 5th LAF Brigade and a team from the 5th LAF Regiment. Of the four teams representing the Multinational Brigade Sector East, three teams entered the final, those from the Indian, Indonesian and Spanish battalions, which was a great success.

The winners of the competition were the Indonesian battalion team with first place, the silver medal went to the South Korean battalion team and the bronze medal to the Indian battalion team.

The Spanish contingent was represented by a team from the Light Protected Tactical Group, belonging to the 10th 'Millán Astray Legion Battalion', which came fifth.