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The Spanish Brigade in Lebanon improves the water supply in Kawkaba and carries out medical assistance in Shebaa.

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January 5, 2023
  • The Spanish contingent improves the living conditions of the population in southern Lebanon through a quick-impact project and medical assistance.

The Head of UNIFIL Sector East, Brigadier General Melchor Marin Elvira, escorted by the Mayor of Kawkaba, Elie Abou Noccoul, and the President of the Union of Municipalities of Hasbayya, Sami Al Safadi, presided over the inauguration ceremony of the project to improve the water supply in the village of Kawkaba.

The project consisted of the refurbishment of the generator set for the well water pump, which solved the water supply problems of 120 families in the upper Kawkaba area.

In his speech, the mayor expressed his condolences for the deceased Irish soldier and thanked the Spanish contingent for their help, which over the years has left a permanent mark on the inhabitants of this town. He also underlined his recognition of "the effort, sacrifice and contribution to peace and stability in Lebanon of the Spanish military and the Spanish people for their support, which the South of Lebanon will never forget".

General Marín thanked the condolences and stressed that this project is "to improve the lives of the people of Kawkaba, who are so dear to us", adding that "this project has been driven by Spain's commitment to the Lebanese people and by the strong ties between the people of Kawkaba and UNIFIL".

A medical examination and medicine distribution day was also held, organised by the CIMIC Unit together with the Health Unit of the Spanish contingent.

This activity took place at the Rafik Haririen Primary Care Centre in Shebaa, in the framework of cooperation between the local community and UNIFIL forces and in coordination with the mayor of Hasbaya district, Rawad Salloum, the mayor of Shebaa municipality, Mohammed Saab, and the president of the Tamadin association, Ziad Daher.

Ziad Daher appreciated the swiftness of the Spanish battalion's response to assist in the health part. He believes that this is an example of the role of the Spanish forces in helping the people of the South and can only be received with thanks and appreciation, wishing for more cooperation to ease the burdens of the crisis affecting this population.

With this type of activities, which improve the living conditions of the population, especially in terms of basic services such as water, electricity and medical care, Spain maintains its commitment to support the Lebanese society, fostering their development, improving the well-being of the population and contributing to peace and stability in Lebanon.