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Intense week of CIMIC activity of the Spanish military in several locations in southern Lebanon

October 4, 2022
  • The completion of projects and the start of the school year have given a boost to Civil-Military Cooperation activities

During the last week, the Spanish Brigade in Lebanon has carried out a busy schedule of Civil-Military Cooperation (CIMIC) activities with the inauguration of two projects. The first of them was carried out in the town of Qabrikha, where a synchronization system was installed between energy supply groups and solar panels to improve the electricity supply. The second one was in the town of El Fraidiss, where a system of water filters and a water pump were installed.

In terms of donations, the Spanish military delivered clothing for children, school supplies and pharmacy products to the Better Society for Mothers and Children in Suwwanan charity, donated by the Silbon company, Loyola University and the Pharmacists Official Association in Cordoba. At the Meiss Ej Jebel Hospital, 11 computers donated by the Confederation of Entrepreneurs of Córdoba were delivered to upgrade equipment to improve medical and care services. Finally, two computers and school supplies were delivered to the Ain Arab Public School, from donations from the University Foundation for the Development of the Province of Córdoba (FUNDECOR), the Vera Cruz School in Jaén and the Vera Cruz de Montilla Fraternity, which has a direct impact on children and education and promoting new technologies.

Civil-military cooperation constitutes fundamental support for the fulfillment of the mission, contributes to the well-being of the Lebanese people and it is a sign of Spain's commitment to stability and peace in south the river Litani.