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Spanish drinking water supply project in the south of Lebanon

Arab el Wazzani, Lebanon
May 31, 2022
  • The water supply system for the citizens of this Lebanese town has been improved

The last Quick Impact Project (QIP) in which The Spanish contingent deployed in the area has worked in a project that has already been opened. It is about improving the water supply of the citizens of the Arab El Wazzani municipality, especially in these times of economic difficulty that the country is going through.

The project in this town has been entirely financed by Spain, thus maintaining its commitment to helping Lebanese citizens. The Spanish contingent continues to work in this area of southern Lebanon, identifying and developing projects to improve the living conditions of the local population. Arab El Wazzani had two drinking water supply pumps, whose performance was very tight and hardly covered the needs of the population.

The project consisted in the installation of two new pumps with greater power to supply all the families in the town, as well as their control panels. These works have provided an improvement to the drinking water supply system, allowing access to this basic good for the inhabitants of the municipality. The entire installation process has been certified by the South Lebanon water company’s staff.

The supply system was inaugurated by the Commander of the East Sector Multinational Brigade, Brigadier General Ramón Armada Vázquez, who thanked Ahmed Mohamed, Mayor of Arab El Wazzani, for all the local citizen’s cooperation with the Spanish military to get the job done.