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BRILIB XXXVI starts its work on Lebanese soil after the transfer of authority ceremony (TOA)

Marjayoun, Lebanon
December 9, 2021
  • BRILIB XXXVI is mostly composed of units from the Canary Islands Command

In a simple ceremony in which COVID-19 protection measures were strictly observed, BRILIB XXXVI contingent, organised on the basis of the "Canarias" XVI Brigade, took over command of UNIFIL Sector East. This is the second time that this Brigade has led the mission that Spain has maintained in Lebanon since 2006.

The ceremony was presided over by Deputy Force Commander, general Irvine Aryeete, and was attended by the Spanish Ambassador to Lebanon, Jose María Ferré de la Peña, and other Lebanese civilian and military authorities.

The handover of the Operation 'Libre Hidalgo' (L/H) flag between Brigadier General Javier Mur Lalaguna and Brigadier General Ramón Armada Vázquez symbolises the transfer of responsibility for the fulfilment of the missions that the BRILIB XXXVI contingent will assume over the next six months.

The Spanish mission in Lebanon is based on compliance with the provisions of Resolution 1701 of 11 August 2006 approved by the United Nations Security Council, whose main objective is to ensure compliance with the cessation of hostilities between Lebanon and Israel, to support the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) in establishing their authority in the area, and to provide support to guarantee humanitarian access to civilian populations.

Spain's commitment to peace, world security and international legality is embodied, among other actions and areas, in the participation of the Armed Forces (FAS) in international missions, one of which is the Spanish military mission in Lebanon within the framework of the United Nations (UNIFIL), which has been carried out since September 2006.

The Multinational Sector East Brigade, led by Spain, is made up of some 3,500 troops of 8 different nationalities. Spain contributes with approximately 600 military personnel who make up the BRILIB XXXVI contingent, organised on the basis of units belonging to the Canary Islands Command.