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Spanish military trained Lebanese Armed Forces to confront COVID-19

August 19, 2021
  • UNIFIL's Multinational Brigade Sector East units conduct a joint training phase with Lebanese military focused on disinfection procedures for personnel and facilities

As part of the regular cooperation that UNIFIL keeps with the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF), the units of Sector East Multinational Brigade, including the spanish contingent, have conducted along with members of the Lebanese Army 7th Brigade, a specific training phase aimed at disinfection procedures against COVID19.

This activity has emerged as a need for Lebanese army units due to an increase in the number of confirmed cases in the country. For UNIFIL units, this meant sharing procedures and unifying their methods in order to deal jointly with this threat, which is present throughout the world.

This three-day training phase focused on issues of disinfection of personnel and facilities, tasks that the Spanish contingent units are very used to carrying out given their experience during Operation BALMIS on national soil.

The sessions ended with a ceremony in which the head of the Eastern Sector Brigade, General Mur, along with the representative of the 7th Brigade of the Lebanese Army, Major Dani Eid, presented a recognition diploma to all the personnel who took part in the training.

In his speech, BRILIB's commander appreciated the participation of the Lebanese Army and encouraged them to continue with this type of joint activities aimed at creating an atmosphere of trust between the parties and improving the stability of the governmental institutions in the area.